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Game Developer

About Me

Hey, I'm Brian!!! I'm currently working as a software engineer at Google's Tokyo office! I'm doing client-side work on the Google Maps app on Android, mostly! Previously I was a game developer! My website is outdated! I updated this part, though!

Professional Work

Paradise Bay - Senior Programmer

2014-2018 - King - iOS/Android

Social Resource Management / Simulation

Lua / C++ / Java / Ruby / AS3

  • Monitored live game and assisted with server code deployments. Implemented and helped deploy quick hotfixes for time-sensitive issues.
  • Implemented experimental A/B tested features to help gather analytics data for other products.
  • Worked on small feature teams with artists and designers to implement major game features end-to-end (client, server, gameplay, visuals, UI, analytics, etc).
  • Implemented various tools and scripts to help improve workflow for artists, designers, QA, and live ops.

Rise of Tyrants - Programmer

2013-2014 - Z2/King - iOS/Android

Competitive Resource Management / Strategy

Lua / C++ / Java / Ruby / AS3

  • Worked with a designer on early prototypes for the game's battle system.
  • Implemented initial version of the battle system from the ground up.
  • Collaborated with artists and designers on implementing effects and animations in the battle system.
  • Implemented various features and UI in an early version of the resource management portion of the game.

Battle Nations - Programmer

2011-2013 - Z2 - iOS/Android/Mac/Windows

Competitive Resource Management / Strategy

Objective C++ / Java

  • Worked with design and a server engineer to implement a turn-based battle system from scratch.
  • Implemented/refactored several major engine features involving animation, effects, and audio.
  • Worked with designers on major refactors of the battle system twice during the product's lifespan.
  • Implemented a robust editor for authoring NPC battle encounters.
  • Lots of minor feature work and bug fixes.

Shadowslayer - Programmer

2012 - Z2 - iOS

Resource Management / Action RPG

Objective C++

  • Implemented several design tools to aid with the creation of level maps, quest dialogue, and randomly generated gear.
  • Implemented robust dynamic localization functionality that was later rolled into the system used studio-wide.
  • Memory optimization and leak fixes ahead of test market release.
Personal Work


2008-2010 - Student Project at DigiPen - Windows

2D Puzzle Platformer

C++ / DirectX 9.0

Indie Game Challenge 2010 - Non-professional Grand Prize Winner

Independent Games Festival 2010 - Student Competition Honorable Mention

  • Created initial game concept and design for a puzzle platformer with a gear-based grappling system.
  • All graphics and audio programming. Created a custom engine based on DirectX 9.0 and fmod.
  • Created all art assets and music for the game, including hand-drawn frame-by-frame character animations in Flash.
  • ( Soundtrack on SoundCloud )

2004-Present - Personal Website / Art Project - Web

Flash / HTML / Javascript

  • A collection of experimental interactive web pages, mostly created with Flash.
  • I did the programming, art, and design for most pages, and collaborated with KC Green and Toby Fox on some.

Hourly Animal Crossing Music Page

2012-Present - Personal Project - Web

HTML / Javascript

  • Implemented a web page that streams the appropriate hourly music from Animal Crossing according to the user's system clock.
  • Updated when new versions of Animal Crossing come out, and to maintain popular browser compatibility.

Custom Webcomic CMS / Site Design

2007-Present - Personal Project - Web

PHP / MySQL / HTML / Javascript

  • Implemented a custom CMS and frontend for my own webcomic.
  • Refined/customized framework for several of KC Green's webcomic projects: Gunshow, BACK, and He is a Good Boy.
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